Black Beans: Menu Week of May 8

I’m having such a busy week that taking the time to share my menu with you has been a challenge! I’m still working a part time temp job (6AM to 10AM 4 days a week), bookkeeping from home, working my home business, taking care of the house (with lots of help from the family), cooking the meals, tending chickens (the girls are now in ‘charge’ of the chickens but Joe and I help out) and trying to get a garden in. We are also preparing to add a couple of goats to our place so those preparations are also in progress. I’m thankful for my 13 Week Rotating Menu which allows me to have the bulk of the menu plan in place and minimal shopping is needed.

This weeks Stretchy Bean is Black Bean. We really like black beans. We tend to lean toward Mexican style foods with the black beans and that works very well since we all like Mexican.

D- Out

Monday- Impossible Sourdough Pie (bonus lesson from the GNOWFGLINS eCourse), buttered carrots, sourdough bread with kefir cheese

D-Black Beans and Rice, sauerkraut, sourdough bread

D- Black Bean Tostado, cortido

D- Taco Soup

D-Lamb Shoulder Steaks, Mashed potatoes and gravy, green salad, brussel sprouts

D- Leftovers

Photo Credit: Lifelessons on flickr

2 comments to Black Beans: Menu Week of May 8

  • Krista

    >Have you tried fermented black beans? They are to DIE for! I love them so much. Basically you cook the black beans with onion and garlic and maybe jalapeno. Mash it up into refried beans consistency, add salt to taste and add your whey to start the ferment. I use water kefir grains instead of whey because I have so many.

    Then you ferment it until you like the taste. I often eat these with a spoon, yum!

  • Millie

    I haven't tried fermenting any beans yet. I have intended to but haven't got around to it yet. They sure sound good the way you describe them!

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