Menu Week of March 30


Real Food for Less Money is now Homespun Oasis. Read why here.

Whew-eee. Cold, snow and wind is what we woke up to. Yesterday we were outside working in short sleeves! We were very happy for the beautiful day and I even was able to get our three cold frame boxes planted with […]

Menu Week of March 23

We’re celebrating! With the longer days the chickens and ducks have started laying again. We’re getting between 10 and 12 eggs a day which means I’ll be planning meals using eggs. After this long winter of almost no eggs, we’re pretty excited.

This week I’m trying lentils. I started an elimination diet back in December […]

Menu Week of March 16

We’ve had a wonderful weekend visiting with my daughter that lives in Oregon and her fiance. The arrived mid-day on Saturday and left mid-day on Monday (which is part of the reason I’m late getting this menu together). I was able to meet Aaron, Sierra’s guy, last month when I was in Oregon but this […]

Menu Week of March 9

Homespun Oasis Menu Week of March 30

How are you doing with the time change? Springing forward an hour doesn’t seem like it should be a big deal but in some ways it is. We were starting to enjoy daylight coming earlier and doing morning chores in the light. This week Joe is working an earlier shift due to spring break for […]

Menu Week of March 2

I’m happy to be home after working last week in Oregon. I got home just in time for a snow storm/small blizzard. Usually when the wind comes up it comes from the southwest so we have our animal shelters situated to avoid the snow blowing from that direction. This storm had snow coming from all […]

Menu Week of February 23 – Working out of Town

This week I’m working in Oregon for my twice yearly audit that I do with them. I flew into Oregon on Saturday and spent the weekend with my daughter (she lives outside of Portland). On Sunday she brought me to the shop and we stopped at Trader Joe’s so I could pick up food for […]

Menu Week of February 16

Hello Menu Planners! This week we have another fairly simple menu lined up. My hand is still messed up so I need help in the kitchen with basic things like cutting and carving. Joe has been great at ‘giving me a hand’ in the kitchen. For those of you thinking my hand has been a […]

Menu Week of February 9

Hello fellow Menu Planners! I have to tell you how much better my weeks go when I make an effort to not only plan my menu but also stick with it. I love the structure that having a plan provides and I really love not having to come up with a dish to make at […]

Menu Week of February 2



Our welcome to February here in Wyoming includes a day this week with a forecast high of -3. I’m not going to lie. Negative 3 is cold. But truthfully it’s not terribly bad unless the wind is blowing too. If the wind is blowing then it is a good day to stay […]

Menu Week of January 26

Menu Week of January 12 Real Food for Less Money

Already the last week of January! It’s cold and snowy here. Not as cold as it was last month but still chilly. Have you heard about the propane shortage? I hadn’t until last week when our propane guy arrived for our monthly fill. But because of the shortage he was only allowed to fill […]

Menu Week of January 19

WOW! I am super excited. I returned home last night from Freedom 2014 in Tampa for my wrapping business. It was several days of awesomeness, inspiration, training and more. I shared my goals for 2014 in a post that included paying off our consumer debt this year. After going to training I am motivated to […]

Menu Week of January 12

Wednesday morning bright and early I’m leaving town. I’m going to Tampa, FL for Freedom 2014 Conference for my skinny wrap business. Joe will be holding down the fort here at home. Usually when I’m leaving town I prepare a few things for the family to have while I’m gone. Since cooking is a bit […]

Menu Week of January 5

Menu Week of January 12 Real Food for Less Money

This is a sad time. My daughter’s boyfriend lost his mom Saturday night. She was only 43. Her death comes just a few days after he lost his uncle and his dad had a severe asthma attack. His dad is still very ill and unable to take care of himself. My heart aches for JT […]

Menu Week of December 29

Menu week of December 29

A few weeks ago I shared my broken hand menu plan. That week Joe helped me do a bunch of cooking on Sunday afternoon and I was able to easily heat meals at supper time each week. This was wonderful! It was super helpful since things like cutting and slicing is challenging with a cast […]

Menu Week of December 15

I thought about subtitling this week’s menu “Real Food with a Broken Hand” because that’s what’s happening here. Last Sunday I slipped on packed snow (aka ice) in our yard and hit hard. I ended up with a little bone in my right hand broken (scaphoid) and yes, I am right handed.

I’m now […]


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