Menu Week of December 15


I thought about subtitling this week’s menu “Real Food with a Broken Hand” because that’s what’s happening here. Last Sunday I slipped on packed snow (aka ice) in our yard and hit hard. I ended up with a little bone in my right hand broken (scaphoid) and yes, I am right handed.

I’m now [...]

Menu Week of December 1


I can’t believe that we are already in December. It seems that 2013 has completely flown by. Our Thanksgiving weekend was very nice. Joe was off from Wednesday until today (Monday). He did a few things around here and even made our bread for the week on Saturday. I have to tell you, I felt [...]

Menu Week of November 24 ~ Thanksgiving



Last year at this time our kitchen was upside down in the process of getting a makeover. As a result we had our Thanksgiving meal at a local hotel that did a buffet. While the buffet was fine, it was certainly not the same as our usual at-home Thanksgivings. This year the kitchen is [...]

Menu Week of November 17


Last week I mentioned that we’ve not been as diligent with our budget as we need to be. One of the places that we’ve let slide is dining out. A few years ago (around the time I started this blog) our budget was super tight and eating out was not something that fit into the [...]

Menu Week of November 10

Black Beans

Sunday afternoon I had a little time to myself. Joe and Christopher went in to town to do a couple of errands and pick up Lulu from a friend’s. Kiki was at work. It is quite rare for me to have the entire house to myself. I took advantage of it by watching a show [...]

Menu Plan Week of October 27

Design a Dish Muffins

Cold and blustery today. We’re supposed to get one to two inches of snow. The weekend was so warm that we didn’t even need jackets. Interesting weather, for sure!

We have a three day weekend scheduled starting this Friday. We’re planning to go up to the new property providing snow doesn’t prevent the trip. We [...]

Menu Plan Week of October 21


Last week I was feeling under the weather and didn’t get a menu plan put together. In fact, I was feeling so bad that Joe and the girls took over kitchen duties for a few days. They were happy we had a few quick to prepare foods on hand.

After I started feeling better we [...]

Menu Plan Week of October 6

October 4 2013

We had a big blizzard on Friday. The picture above was the view out our front door on Friday morning. We did have a lot of snow but no damage. We lost a chick this morning. It hadn’t developed enough feathers yet (it was about 8 weeks old) and couldn’t handle the cold. The [...]

Menu Plan Week of September 29 and New Additions

Cocoa and boys 929

We have had an exciting couple of days. Two of our goats had babies! You might remember that at the end of June we added seven Dwarf Nigerian goats to our little place. We didn’t realize that any of the goats were pregnant. About a month ago we noticed that a few of them [...]

Menu Plan Week of September 15

This week is going to be busy! I’ll tell you why this week is so busy later in this post– so keep reading.

I’m taking a few minutes right now to put together a simple menu plan since I function so much better with a plan in place. While this is a lot more [...]

Menu Plan Week of September 8

Black Beans

It’s been several weeks since I posted a menu plan. Not only have I not posted a plan, but I haven’t really been making menu plans.

I did make a plan when we went up to our new property over Labor Day. I kind of had to since we have to take any food with [...]

Menu Plan Week of August 18 & Challenge Update

Last week I didn’t really put a menu plan together. Not putting a menu plan together actually worked pretty well. BUT not well enough that I’m comfortable winging it this also! So I’m putting together a loose menu plan for main dishes. We should have a few things ripen in the garden this week to [...]

Menu Week of August 11 & Challenge Update

No Grocery Store Challenge 300 x214

I decided not to do a menu plan this week. Instead, I’m going to wing it and plan the meals each night after supper. I’ll be honest, this type of planning hasn’t really worked for me in the past but I thought it was time to give it another shot. Honestly, it seems a smart [...]

Menu Plan Week of August 4 and Challenge Update

No Grocery Store Challenge 300 x214

I’m running behind on my menu plan this week. We spent the weekend up at our new property and I’ve had a busy day today. I finally decided that I’d better start thinking about our food for this week.

Last week I let you know that we are challenging ourselves not to shop in a [...]

Menu Plan Week of July 28 & a Challenge for August

I’m very happy to be back home in Wyoming!

Little Boy and I were gone for just under two weeks. The first week we went to Oregon for my work. I’m happy to say that the work went well. On Friday of that week my oldest girl and my youngest girl both joined us at [...]

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