Design a Dish

Would you like to learn great methods to reduce food waste?

What if you could enjoy one meal for “free” each week?

We’re not talking about gourmet meals but wonderful, simple dishes that you can prepare day in and day out

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to nourish your family with these tasty dishes!


Save your food dollars with Design a Dish!

Design a Dish $6.95    (PDF format- expanded for 2013)

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This 34 page eBook shares not recipes but formulas to help you design dishes with ingredients that are abundant to you. This will help you reduce food waste and help you save money– you may even find yourself eating a meal or two for ‘free’ each week just by cutting down on waste!


In this eBook I share some of my favorite ideas. My hope is that this will get your own spark of creativity going and help you with Design a Dish Muffinsstretching your food budget. Enjoying Real Food for Less Money is certainly possible with these money saving formulas!

Take a look at this Sneak Peak formula from Design a Dish for muffins.  These are a staple in our house. I make a double batch almost every week with whatever ingredients we have on hand.  Once you start using formulas for your meals you will discover just how easy it is to nourish your family for less!


Design a Dish $6.95  (PDF format- expanded for 2013)

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Bundle Special!

Design a Dish is available as part of a Bundle deal with Thrifty Food Plan Experience. Get both PDF books in one zipped file for the best price!

$11.95  (both books in PDF format)

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