Food to go

I’m cooking up a storm this morning. We are leaving when Joe gets home from work to make our sprint to Oregon and back. We have been working so hard on improving our diet that both Joe and I are concerned about the food that we might encounter on this weekend not to mention that we are on a tight budget. To help us out I’m making a few things to take along and I picked up a few healthier snacks at the store yesterday.

Yesterday I made:

Sourdough whole wheat bread (from my new sourdough starter)

fresh butter (to put on the sourdough)

cream cheese (from yogurt)

This morning I made:

Applesauce cake (this will be wonderful with the cream cheese on it)

Hard boiled eggs

Chicken strips (tonight’s dinner)

Frittata (tomorrow’s breakfast something like this one but I added mushrooms and spinach)


Other things we are taking:


carrot sticks

cantaloupe (already cut in chunks)

beef jerky


couple cans of tuna

whole wheat crackers

fig newtons (what can I say? I love them and they do have fruit in them)


We will be eating with my parents a couple of meals and will eat out with my daughter and her husband (to celebrate the birthday she had last week) but hopefully these items will cut down on any desires to go drive-thru somewhere.

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