How Do You Like Your Kefir?

The other day Lulu asked if she could make smoothies. I was in the middle of a project and was quite happy that she took the initiative for a snack. I figured that she would make the smoothie out of kefir since that is what we usually do.  But she made it out of regular  (real) milk instead.  When I asked why she said she drinks the kefir smoothies when I make them but she doesn’t really like the kefir flavor.  Huh.

After 2 plus years of kefir on a regular basis I thought she was beginning to enjoy it. But given a choice, I guess not. I’m not complaining that she likes the wonderful flavor of our real milk but would like her to get the additional benefits that kefir offers.

So that brings me to the question, How Do You Like Your Kefir? Please share your ideas.

Not sure what kefir is? Here is a great description including kefir benefits and here are some additional FAQ’s


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