>Tuesday Twister December 22


It was a busy kitchen week. I didn’t plan it that way but it did end up that way. And I anticipate another busy week this week.
My friend JLB gave me some antelope. I attempted jerky. It turned out okay but I think I can improve it next time. The flavor is not bad and the texture is good but something seems to be missing.

I wanted to take some of my persimmons and turn them into cookies. I thought I could try using bulgar flour to make them instead of trying to do a soaked cookie. The results were not horrible but not really a cookie, more of a muffin flavor. I promoted them here as Breakfast Cookies and they went over pretty good. Speaking of muffins, I tried using the same flour to make muffins and instead ended up with crumbs. The chickens enjoyed them. I’ll have to figure out where I went wrong and try them again.

Here was a yummy dinner. Sourdough Pitas stuffed with Chick Pea Patties, Lettuce, Cucumber and Yogurt Dressing (served with lacto-fermented veggies).

Another yummy dinner. Antelope Pie. So easy and delicious plus a great use for leftover roast (you could use beef if you don’t have a freezer full of antelope).

I had a few apples and pears that needed to be used up. I made a Apple/Pear Chutney based on the recipe in Nourishing Traditions. It is lacto-fermented and turned out very good.

Here is another kitchen experiment. I was hoping for a lacto-fermented Kiwi Marmalade (made from kiwi’s that we were gifted from California along with the persimmons and lemons) that would be pefect for enjoying on toast with cream cheese. So far, I’m not sure that it was a success. It is still very salty. I’ll leave it in the fridge for a bit and see if it mellows. The kiwi flavor is good if you can get past the salt.

Those are my hits and misses for the week.

What’s been Twisting in your kitchen? Pop on over to gnowfglins.com for some other Twists or to show off your own.

3 comments to >Tuesday Twister December 22

  • Wardeh

    >Millie- Did you make the sourdough pitas? That is something I've been wanting to do. You accomplish so much in a week – you're inspiring! Thanks for sharing your week in the Twister.

  • Millie

    I did make the pita's. They turned out pretty good. I used a recipe that I found on line but adapted it for a longer soaking and made a few other changes. They were easier than I expect which was good. I'll post it soon.
    It seems I've had to accomplish alot lately. I've had fruit running out my ears and have to find something to do with it all

  • Marg

    >Your potpie looks really good, like something I'd serve. I have the same casserole dish (lol). Next time I'm going to try your crust top.

    Funny how it matters how you present a new dish, whether it's accepted or not!

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