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My friend Starlene Stewart  is launching a new book and offering it at a 40% discount until March 25 UPDATE Extended until March 31.  

Baking with Coconut Flour is more than a cookbook. It is a how-to for learning how to bake with coconut flour.  You’ll learn what coconut flour is, how to convert recipes from wheat to coconut flour, troubleshooting plus several recipes to get you started.

You might think that a book on coconut flour baking would only be beneficial if you are grain or gluten free. I’ve actually found that having several recipes that use coconut (or almond) flour come in quite handy. These type of flours do not require any soaking which means I can have baked goods ready in no time.  This is quite wonderful for when I neglected to get sourdough bread made!  Starlene has an incredible sandwich bread recipe in Baking with Coconut Flour that my family is quite smitten with.

Baking with Coconut Flour is $11.00 until March 25  March 31 (regular price $18.95).  Use Coupon Code: INTROBAKE40–Click here to purchase.


*****, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

Starlene Stewart also has a book available in this weeks eBook Bundle of the Week.  Her book Beyond Grain and Dairy is one of five gluten-free eBooks in this weeks bundle. I’ll be doing a proper review on Beyond Grain and Dairy in the near future but I did want to tell you about this great deal. 5 gluten-free eBooks for $7.40!  I’m also familiar with a second book in this bundle; Best of Grain Free Meal Plans by Cara Faus.  These two books alone are well worth the $7.40 bundle price.  Click here for more information and to purchase. EXPIRED.  There is a new bundle this week. Click here to learn more.




KerryAnn of Cooking Traditional Foods received a question about working full time outside the home and still doing real foods.  Since I used to work full time out of the home KerryAnn asked me to share any tips to add to your own ideas.

You can read that article here.  Be sure to check out the comments (they are wonderful!) and add your own tips and ideas for enjoying real food when time is tight.




Know Your Food With Wardee Podcast #025 was a round table event with special guests Sally Fallon Morell (President and Founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation and author of Nourishing Traditions), Kimberly Hartke (Weston A. Price Foundation publicist and blogger at Hartke is Online!) and Cathy Raymond (Outreach and Marketing Director for Weston A. Price Foundation and Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund)  the focus of the round table was the potential addition of sweeteners being added to milk without visible labeling.

You can listen to the podcast here.




Looking for new recipe ideas? Be sure to check out the Nourished Living Network recipe page.  You’ll find recipes for all your meals from the team of traditional food bloggers at Nourished Living Network.  I’m very happy to be a part of this group focused on the traditional foods and the teachings of Dr. Weston A. Price.




The calendar says that today is the first day of spring.  We still have snow on the ground and expect more tonight. While it doesn’t quite seem like spring here yet we’re planning numerous spring activities.  A new chicken coop,  reworking the garden, adding rain barrels for water collection and much more.  The book Surviving Off Off-Grid by Michael Bunker has been a wonderful inspiration for the work we are doing around our place.  This book does focus on living completely off grid (and why a person might want to choose that life) but also shares a huge amount of information on raising your own food.  I highly recommend this book if you are interested in doing as much as possible on your own land whether on or off grid.  Surviving Off Off-Grid by Michael Bunker is available on Amazon.





Coming Soon!

Are you planning a vacation or road trip this summer? You will want to get my new eBook to help you with enjoying real food while on the road.  I share all the tips, tricks and ideas that our family uses to continue our traditional food style of eating when we are away from home. This new eBook will be available in the next few weeks– just in time for your summer travel!





Until March 31 my current eBooks, Design a Dish and Thrifty Food Plan Experience are on sale.  Design a Dish sale price is $4.95 (regular $6.95) and Thrifty Food Plan Experience sale price is $6.95 (regular $8.95).   For the best pricing choose the Bundle Option marked down to  $9.95 until March 31 (regular retail value for both books $15.90).  Click here for my eBook page–The bundle option is near the bottom.





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