Book Review: Your Custom Homestead– 2 Thumbs Up

“Wherever you live right now– a high-rise, a mobile home, the end-of-a-cul-de-sac, or ten acres– that is your homestead.”

This is absolutely one of the best lines I have ever read!  Your Custom Homestead by Jill Winger of The Prairie Homestead is a spectacular eBook.

Jill takes us through a 21 day plan to organize our thoughts and plans. I love how she shares her own personal experiences each step of the way. Reading this book is really like chatting with a friend! Jill also gives wonderful details and suggestions on where to find additional information.

Reading this book has really inspired me to take our little piece of land and do more with it. While we do have chickens, ducks and one lone guinea plus I attempt a garden each year, there is so much more we can do. Following Jill’s simple 21 day plan has given me tons of inspiration. And with spring in the air (even in Wyoming) now is the time to start planning for all of these wonderful possibilities.

Jill points out that homesteading isn’t just having a piece of ‘free’ land given by the government (the original concept of homesteading) but more of a mindset. She shares so many wonderful ways to homestead right where you are. Through Your Custom Homestead we learn that homesteading really is more of a mindset than a physical location.

Another wonderful thing about this book is that Jill keeps it very real. She shares not only all of the wonderful things that having your own homestead will bring but some of the challenges. Yes folks, it’s true.  Homesteading is not all roses.  Jill really does a great job of sharing the reality of homesteading and reminding us that the challenges are totally worth it.

You can get a preview of Your Custom Homestead. Jill if offering a free sample chapter in exchange for a Tweet or facebook share.

What do you think your biggest challenge would be in “homesteading” where you currently live?


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Millie Copper
Millie Copper is a Wyoming wife and mama. After reading Nourishing Traditions in early 2009, her family began transforming their diet to whole, unprocessed, nutrient dense foods—a little at a time while stretching their food dollars. Millie is passionate to share how, with a little creativity, anyone can transition to a real foods diet without overwhelming their food budget. Millie began blogging in late 2009 and has amassed a collection of frugal recipes and methods. Her specialties include cooking with wild game and creating “Stretchy Beans”. Discovering a love of writing, she has penned four books focusing on healthy eating on a budget and is trying her hand at fiction writing. Learn more at


  1. Erin Darling

    Honestly, my biggest challenge is my own lack of motivation/energy most of the time. We have about 2.5 acres, chickens, and a 2000 square foot garden – not much in terms of time/energy/commitment, but it feels like too much at times. I see how much Stuff people like Jill do, and I think “man, I would need a nap ALL the time!”

    I hope once I recover from various health issues, that will change. 🙂

    1. Post

      Hi Erin,

      That is a good sized garden! I sometimes (maybe often) lack motivation/energy also. I really have to make sure I schedule my time well especially during growing/chicken season. You know, I tend to over extend myself 😉

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