Menu Plan Week of June 16

Sprouted LentilsI have a confession to make. I have been avoiding going to the grocery store. For several weeks now I’ve only stopped by the market when absolutely necessary and only to pick up things that I think we can’t live without. Usually that is fresh produce but even that has been sparser than it probably should. I keep hoping one day I’ll go out and the garden will miraculously be large and lush and we’ll have all of our produce needs answered. ūüėČ

Okay, I don’t really hope that but it sure would be nice. ¬†Truth is, we’ve been eating a lot from our freezer and pantry so haven’t needed to go in to the store as much. We have a good amount of bulk purchased, canned, frozen and dehydrated things that I put up last fall that we should use up. ¬†The problem with using these things instead of going and buying stuff is it requires me to be creative in order to figure out how to use these up. ¬†And someday’s I’m not feeling as creative as I should! This week I’m going to focus on using dehydrated fruits and veggies so we might have some interesting items. ¬†My menu plan is rather loose to reflect that. ¬†We will be enjoying lentils again this week (see last week’s menu plan here). I’ve been working on some new lentil information so I see lots of lentils in our future until I finish that project. ¬†This week I’ll sprout them. Sprouting them gives the lentils a different flavor and consistency making them not seem as much ¬†like a repeat.

Menu Plan

Sunday- hamburgers, grain salad, dried apple cake (adapted from this recipe)

Monday- Chicken cooked in either the Sun Oven or the crock pot depending on weather (leftover chicken to be used for lunches), sides to be determined

Tuesday- Majadareh (adapted from this recipe, see the details of how I change it here), rice, sides to be determined

Wednesday- Sprouted Lentil Tacos

Thursday- Slow Cooker Sprouted Ethiopian Lentils (adapted from Simple Food for Winter by Shannon Stonger)

Friday- Leftovers

Saturday- Out of town

What’s on your menu this week?

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      Hi Carissa!

      To sprout lentils I soak them for anywhere from 8 to 24 hours (depending on how my day goes) and then drain them in a colander. I give them a good rinse with fresh water and leave them in the colander covered with a dish towel. I either leave them in the sink or put on a plate to catch the water that continues to run off. 6 to 12 hours later I repeat the process. This continues for a day or two until the lentils have formed little tails. I’ve found that sprouting tends to be quicker in warmer weather. Sprouted lentils open up a whole new world for the use of lentils.

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