Menu Week of January 19

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WOW! I am super excited. I returned home last night from Freedom 2014 in Tampa for my wrapping business. It was several days of awesomeness, inspiration, training and more. I shared my goals for 2014 in a post that included paying off our consumer debt this year. After going to training I am motivated to make that happen even quicker. The company announced a Get Out of Debt  (GOOD) bonus structure that will allow me to earn big bucks to help. I’m going for a $15,000 bonus. Yes, you read that right. They are offering me a way to put $15,000 in my pocket. That will pay off all of our consumer debt and give us additional money to put toward our new homestead. The great thing— these bonuses are open to everyone. Email me if you are interested in the GOOD bonus and how you can put that money in your pocket too. As part of my dash for cash I’ll be having a daily giveaway on my Wrapping Wyoming and Beyond Facebook page. Be sure to “like” my page and enter to win.


Now on to the food talk. I did pretty well at sticking to my grain-free eating while I was gone. I did have rice one day. I found that it was hard to stay full while on the go so much and without having enough healthy fats. Now that I’m back at  home I’ll be focusing again on grain-free foods with plenty of healthy, traditional fats. Joe had supper ready for me when I got home last night. I was so glad since I was exhausted. I was also exhilarated so that is an weird combination.

Joe put a couple of chicken carcasses in the freezer. These are from chickens we raised and cut up,  the carcass still has a considerable amount of meat on them so we’ll pick that off for a meal. We’re also cooking a beef roast this week. That will make us completely out of beef until I can meet up with our beef CSA people to get more. Here’s what this week’s menu looks like;


Sunday- Peppered Venison (this is our new favorite way to cook venison), baked potatoes (sweet for me), cooked carrots, green salad

Monday – Out with friends

Tuesday – Paleo chicken spaghetti squash (I’m thinking something like a alfredo sauce with the chicken from the carcass), broccoli

Wednesday – Roast beef, roasted veggies (parsnips, carrots, sweet potato)

Thursday – Beef Stroganoff over cauliflower rice, sauteed greens

Friday –  Chili (based on this recipe), sides to be determined

Saturday  – Spicy Drumsticks, sides to be determined


What’s on your menu?

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  1. Jean

    Your menu sounds good and reminded me that I have a butternut squash sitting on the table that I forgot about when making my menu plan-oops.

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